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Indians today are acting and behaving like a bunch of uneducated fickle minded people vulnerable to exploitation at the hands of resourceful and opportunist politicians. We have become a large bunch of stupid selfish hypocrites who despite being highly educated are communally divided and very sadly, the cost of this hypocrisy is borne by the nation we all claim to love. This isn’t just an allegation on the Indians but a well proven fact and very sadly I wish to confess that I do not want to be a part of such a lot.

Our country is a unique union of diversity and naturally, it has never been as divided as it today seems to be. The divide has been created by the politicians of this country who have but one aim in mind which is to attain power and to fill their own pockets. These politicians are successful in doing all that they are doing because we readily support them despite knowing what their ulterior motive is. I do not wish to hijack the ability of people to make a choice for themsel…


Atheist: Good to see you Mr. Theist. May I know what religion do you belong to?

Theist:  Good to see you too Sir. I am a Hindu.

Atheist: Isn’t Hinduism the religion with innumerable gods?

Theist: Yes in Hinduism we do worship a lot many gods and goddesses.

Atheist: Isn’t worshiping so many gods a big load of work? Do you also pray?

Theist: Yes at times it does get a little difficult but we know how to manage our stuff and our pooja. And yes I do pray.

Atheist: so you must be a believer of god as well, are you?

Theist: I do believe in God why else would I pray

Atheist: So what is god for you and how do you see your God and which god do you prefer worshipping?

Theist: God for me is all that helps sustain human life and humanity in our world. In Hinduism, everything and everyone that helps further the stated idea is a god.

Atheist: You basically mean that all those people that you worship as Ram, Lakshman, Indra, Hanuman are responsible for sustaining human life and humanity on this earth.

Theist: …


Many consider BRICS as an association of potential superpowers. I however, see it not only as an association of developing economies but also a major player in combating the menace of rapidly deteriorating climate which poses a threat to the entire human race. Countless scholars have already expressed their concerns over the impact of deteriorating climate on International relations and have been demanding the governments of various states to act in the same direction. It is a well-known fact that despite numerous summits on climate change over the last few decades, nothing major has been achieved as yet. The entire plot of the story of ‘Combined action to fight Climate Change’ is very much similar to that of ‘Fighting Proliferation’ in a manner that both of these are stories of global failure. The list of reasons that have led to inaction despite ample of action is a long one. In fact, the list is so diverse and elongated that it is next to impossible to eliminate or to neutralize al…




‘Absolute freedom of speech and of expression has never existed in civilized world and it shall never exist’. This is not a tyrant’s remark but a statement by someone who has historically and empirically analyzed the world to reach this conclusion. This is a statement by a person who sees the world not through J.S.Mill’s notion of liberty but by the events that have occurred across the world, in developed and developing countries over the decades that have passed. The debate over freedom of speech and expression has gained ground in the Indian media. The issue was obvious to surface considering the colossal victory of a political party which had so far played a minor role in the Indian politics. I see the sudden concern of Indians about their freedom of speech and expression as an elongated ripple created by the results of 2014 general elections and the following student body elections in central and state universities in which the major ruling party was dethroned by a secondary and a …

STATE WITHIN A STATE ‘The invisible societal segregation’

The taste of pudding is in eating’ similarly “discrimination is best understood when faced!” it was only when I was asked to leave a park that I understood how it felt being segregated and discriminated against and since a pen is always mightier than a sword I decided to write upon the same and highlight how these forces of segregation have effectively positioned themselves in our cities and that there is a need to regulate these forces in order to prevent a struggle between the classes.
The force which I refer to here is the very famous RWA or the Residents Welfare Association spread throughout the Delhi NCR. Here is a case which illustrates how magnificently the RWA is promoting class differentiation.
Noida Sector 44, Block A is home to some of the wealthiest people in Noida. The economic affluence of the residents is evident by the presence of innumerable palatial homes and luxurious cars in the stated block. The RWA manages this sector. Geographically, the residents perhaps find th…