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The theist and an atheist meet again. This time they meet in a metro train.
Atheist – Hello sir, are you the one who I met at Mr. Raheja’s party?

Theist – Yes I am.

Atheist – Nice to see you again.

Theist – Hi, same here.

Atheist – We had a nice discussion at the party.

Theist – Oh yes we did, you looked satisfied by my arguments.

Atheist – Your arguments were definitely smart but to say that I was satisfied would probably be wrong.

Theist – And why would that be?

Atheist – Because no matter how similar theism and atheism may sound to you, there are still many concepts and ideas in religion which are totally absurd and stupid.

Theist – I am sure there are many such ideas but I believe that most of these ideas are simply wrongly interpreted by men. The problem lies in men and not in the ideas.

Atheist – Are we by any means going back to where we left the last time?

Theist – I wouldn’t mind going back to it.

Atheist – (mockingly) I guess your god wants us to talk more about him.

Theist – I am glad h…


Post demonetization there has been a great upsurge in the number of people who try to justify tax evasion and even advocate for the abolition of the same. I however, have a view which is different from the stated mainstream and would like to defend taxation of income by the state. I would also like to point out as to why the idea of ‘Abolishing income tax’ is a flawed one and also morally incorrect. In order to understand the argument better we need to answer two very basic questions related to taxation. These are 1. Who are taxed? & 2. What is done of the money collected through taxation? The primary idea behind taxation is ‘Taking from the rich and giving it to the poor’. The income tax is levied on that section of the society which is able to earn a decent living for themselves primarily by utilising the resources available to them, which also includes the poor and the not so rich section of the society. The revenue generated through taxation is spent on a number of programs a…