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Indians today are acting and behaving like a bunch of uneducated fickle minded people vulnerable to exploitation at the hands of resourceful and opportunist politicians. We have become a large bunch of stupid selfish hypocrites who despite being highly educated are communally divided and very sadly, the cost of this hypocrisy is borne by the nation we all claim to love. This isn’t just an allegation on the Indians but a well proven fact and very sadly I wish to confess that I do not want to be a part of such a lot.

Our country is a unique union of diversity and naturally, it has never been as divided as it today seems to be. The divide has been created by the politicians of this country who have but one aim in mind which is to attain power and to fill their own pockets. These politicians are successful in doing all that they are doing because we readily support them despite knowing what their ulterior motive is. I do not wish to hijack the ability of people to make a choice for themsel…