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Requesting all Indians to think beyond their religion.
देश में लगी इस आग का कौन ज़िम्मेदार है कही मर रहा हिन्दू तो कही मरता मुसलमान है
हम भाइयो के बीच छिड़ी ये कैसी जंग है तलवारे निकली नहीं पर बोलचाल बंद है
गोश्त और अज़ान के नाम पे भिड़ने को हम तैयार है मज़हब हम समझे नहीं पर मरने को तैयार है
हमारी दोस्ती में घोला किसने कैसा ये जहर है लड़े हम है नहीं पर द्वेष ने बरपाया कहर है
हर मील पे साथ जो हाथ थे, आज मिलने से कतराते है एक थाली में खाते जो साथ थे , आज मज़हब के डर से भूखे ही सो जाते है
जान से प्यारा भारत अब परदेसी हो गया है  जय हिन्द कहना भी हमको अधर्मी जो कर गया है
मोहब्बत सिखाने वाले मज़हब सारे आज हुए कातिल है मासूमो का खून बहा कर क्या कुछ हुआ किसी को हासिल है
मज़हब की पट्टी डाले अंधकार में  क्यों हम है सियासत के है खेल सारे फिर लड़े क्यों हम है
नफरत की इस आग में झुलस रहा देश हमारा है  एक बार फिर क्या भारत का होना बटवारा है
द्वेष की पगडण्डी पे चले क्यों हम  है भाईचारे के पाठ आज पड़े क्यों कम है 
इतिहास सिखाता एक ही पाठ है ग्रह कलेश से घोर ना कोई अपराध है
सर्द में भी झुलसाती इस आग से निकलना हम…


Yesterday 25 of our soldiers were martyred in an ambush by the Maoists at Sukma, Chattisgarh. I hope that god will empower their families to face this dire situation and that the souls of the departed will soon find peace. 
The loss at Sukma is a big one for our country and I doubt if we can cover up for it any time soon.  Maoists in our country have been quite effectively and efficiently dealt with. The November 8 demonetization almost brought an end to the decades of Maoism in our country, however, despite thorough cleansing, some bits still remain to be cleared and these bits are responsible for the deadly Sukma attack. Post attack, the social media was flooded with attacks on the Indian Home Minister for being unable to tackle the Maoists and with requests to the Prime Minister for lethal armed strikes on the Maoists bases to avenge the death of 25 of our army men. It was an evening of national mourning and grieve over the incident could be felt in the air. 
Amidst all chaos one …


एक कविता उन दिनों को याद करते हुए जब हमारा देश सोने की चिड़िया कहा जाता था |
सोने के पर जिसके ऐसा थी चिड़िया हमारी , कंधार से लेके कन्याकुमारी तक उड़ती थी प्यारी |
घोरी और ग़ज़नवी भी करपाए थे इसको कैद नहीं,  उसकी सुनहरी चमक से होते थे रौशन सभी |
अंग्रेज़ो की गुलामी का भी डट कर किया सामना , पर लोहे के यंत्रो के सामने पड़ा इसको हारना |
गुलामी की बेड़ियाँ डाले कैद रही सालो साल , अन्धकार में भूखे मरे उसके लाखो लाल |
हर दिल को सन्न कर जाती थी प्यारी की ये पीड़ा  भगत, चंद्रशेखर और गाँधी ने उठाया आज़ादी का बीड़ा |
इनकी एक पुकार पे लड़ पड़ा हर एक देशवासी , आज़ादी का स्वाद चखने निकल पड़ा हर सन्यासी |
तानाशाहों की कैद से प्यारी को था छुड़ाना , आज़ादी की हवा में था उसको उड़ाना |
लड़ गया हर लाल जब प्यारी को आज़ाद होना ही था , पर नासूर मिलेगा प्यारी को ऐसा किसी ने सोचा ना था |
ताकत के कुछ परवानो ने देश को ही तोड़ दिया , बटवारे की आग ने प्यारी को और भी झिझोर दि…


I had an encounter with a man on twitter, a man vehemently supporting triple talaq. I believe he has good intentions and he too wants to protect women, the problem however is that he is somewhat misinformed. We had a long debate over the issue. The beginning of the debate was good but after a while he started repeating the same stuff over and over again and I decided to exit the debate for the night promising him a proper answer next day. Given below is  the answer and a explanation as to why is he wrong. 
My dear friend, I am extremely sorry for leaving the discussion last night. i felt it was right on my part to have left rather than waste any more energy in making you understand the point I am trying to make! I also believe that you weren’t able to understand me probably because of the language deficit between us.
This is my very last attempt to make you understand the problem with triple talaq and why it MUST be revoked. And yes do not worry, all your argument of last night will …


Islam is one of the most beautiful religion in the world and also a religion the misinterpretation of which has facilitated the birth and growth of the anti-thesis to religion. Ever since the crusades, Islam has been a constant target of the west and the west has left almost no stone unturned in defaming the religion. The crusade is still on but the means of fighting it has changed drastically. The Islamists are fighting it with guns and missiles while the west is using the extremely lethal ‘propaganda’. This time the west seems to be winning and the reward of their victory is not Jerusalem but the oil rich lands of the Middle East.
The introduction above is probably not appropriate and is a misfit for the topic I have today chosen to write upon. However, I chose to write it because I believe it is important for me to make my readers understand that my opposition to Triple Talaq is neither an outcome of the western propaganda nor an opposition to Islam.
Religion in our country or rat…


All that evolves shall survive and all that survives must evolve. Evolution is mandatory for survival. The dictum holds well not only for organic beings but also for processes, phenomenon, and games. Cricket survives today because it evolved from a 5 days marathon to a 3 hours sprint game. Football too underwent some colorful changes and thus manages to survive as the most popular sport globally. However, the game that I today talk about is neither cricket nor football. In fact, it isn’t a sport either. But it does qualify as a game because it is guided by certain precepts of conventional games.  I am talking about the modern Indian political Game of Blame. A game which seems to be guiding politics in our country today!
The trend of blaming others to cover self-inefficiency has existed in almost all societies and is perhaps also the reason why we invented God. The trend made its way into politics as well and has been instrumental in keeping alive the careers of incompetent and ineffi…