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Atheist: Good to see you Mr. Theist. May I know what religion do you belong to?

Theist:  Good to see you too Sir. I am a Hindu.

Atheist: Isn’t Hinduism the religion with innumerable gods?

Theist: Yes in Hinduism we do worship a lot many gods and goddesses.

Atheist: Isn’t worshiping so many gods a big load of work? Do you also pray?

Theist: Yes at times it does get a little difficult but we know how to manage our stuff and our pooja. And yes I do pray.

Atheist: so you must be a believer of god as well, are you?

Theist: I do believe in God why else would I pray

Atheist: So what is god for you and how do you see your God and which god do you prefer worshipping?

Theist: God for me is all that helps sustain human life and humanity in our world. In Hinduism, everything and everyone that helps further the stated idea is a god.

Atheist: You basically mean that all those people that you worship as Ram, Lakshman, Indra, Hanuman are responsible for sustaining human life and humanity on this earth.

Theist: …