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Many consider BRICS as an association of potential superpowers. I however, see it not only as an association of developing economies but also a major player in combating the menace of rapidly deteriorating climate which poses a threat to the entire human race. Countless scholars have already expressed their concerns over the impact of deteriorating climate on International relations and have been demanding the governments of various states to act in the same direction. It is a well-known fact that despite numerous summits on climate change over the last few decades, nothing major has been achieved as yet. The entire plot of the story of ‘Combined action to fight Climate Change’ is very much similar to that of ‘Fighting Proliferation’ in a manner that both of these are stories of global failure. The list of reasons that have led to inaction despite ample of action is a long one. In fact, the list is so diverse and elongated that it is next to impossible to eliminate or to neutralize al…