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STATE WITHIN A STATE ‘The invisible societal segregation’

The taste of pudding is in eating’ similarly “discrimination is best understood when faced!” it was only when I was asked to leave a park that I understood how it felt being segregated and discriminated against and since a pen is always mightier than a sword I decided to write upon the same and highlight how these forces of segregation have effectively positioned themselves in our cities and that there is a need to regulate these forces in order to prevent a struggle between the classes.
The force which I refer to here is the very famous RWA or the Residents Welfare Association spread throughout the Delhi NCR. Here is a case which illustrates how magnificently the RWA is promoting class differentiation.
Noida Sector 44, Block A is home to some of the wealthiest people in Noida. The economic affluence of the residents is evident by the presence of innumerable palatial homes and luxurious cars in the stated block. The RWA manages this sector. Geographically, the residents perhaps find th…