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Post 2014 general elections, the vigilantes working for cow protection have been empowered. The legal ban on the slaughter of cows and the selling of Beef in India came as an expected cyclone and those who had made no provisions had to face the worst effects of the beef ban. The clouds and politics over beef ban had barely settled before the newly appointed chief minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, declared his government’s zero tolerance towards those who running illegal slaughterhouses and selling banned beef.

Three classmates discuss the ongoing meat crisis and also the attitude of media and towards such policies of the government.

---------- RECESS BELL RINGS ----------
ARNAB – Hi friends, Ms Anuradha’s class was soo boring. I am glad the bell rang or I would have dozed off in her class.

AARTI – I do not like the way she teaches.

AAMIR – Mr. Amit is my favourite teacher. I wouldn’t mind even if he teaches us the entire day.

AARTI – Ooh please, I understand he is …


Democracy is a western concept, invented by the westerners, modified by them and supposedly also being preserved by them. It is the westerners who get to decide what is democratic and what is not and how is democracy to be sustained. Being the inventors and sustainers of practical democracy and with democracy being the major form of governance in the world today, these western nations have become the unwanted mentors for the developing democratic countries.

Post-Cold War people realized that communism and socialism were not the right forms of governance and that only democratic capitalism could bring about progress and prosperity for the people. The illusion has lasted for around a couple of decades but with the rise of global population and scarcity of resources, democracy too seems to be failing. The worst effect of this fallout is bound to be on the western democratic capitalist nations which have been slurping all sorts of profits from the developing world by the means of democra…

Mistimed Allegations

Imagine an unconventional marathon race and some of the best runners running to win it. These athletes have been running these races over their lifetime & have also won many a time. They are well aware of the rules of sport, the logistics involved, the kind of track they would be running upon and probably the right way to win the race. This race is unconventional in the manner in which the winner would be decided. Instead of all four running together, each racer would be running separately and the winner would be the one who takes the least amount of time to cover the distance. There is another provision whereby two or more runners can run in pairs. Each can run a portion of the race himself and the remaining someone else can run for him without any sort of penalty. The award in such a case would be divided between the partners in the same proportion in which they each partner ran the race. The runners agree to the rules and a couple of them even decide to use the provision availa…

World Consumer Rights Day: A Valid Marxist Interpretation

March 15 is annually celebrated as the World Consumer Rights day (WCRD). It is one and the only day in the calendar when the world (governing) community tries to show to the proletariats around the globe that despite their inherent and never ending romance with the capitalist, they are always dedicated to creating a better, transparent and accountable world for the proletariats, who in the end would constitute the labour force, the market and the consumers for the capitalists.  Thus the precedence is given to citizens over capitalists only to serve the interests of the capitalists.
I see WCRD as a tool in the hands of the governments to promote the interests of the capitalists by annually reminding people (Proletariats) of their rights as consumers and thereby covertly pushing them to become consumers and to mint monetary profits for the capitalists. I know my interpretation of WCRD sounds Marxist but that is how it really is. In fact, in my opinion, ‘Rights’ is a suffix or prefix, a…