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Problems with Religion

Power corrupts, History divides, Religion consumes and the Shrewd thrive.
Religion has consumed humanity and has turned humans against humans. However, religion was supposed to protect and to promote humanity and therefore many are even of the view that religion as we see today and religion which is being followed today, isn’t religion in the real sense it is in fact a highly distorted and a highly radical form of it and thus it is not the ‘religion’ that is creating problems but the misinterpretation of religion by the people.
The above stated safeguard of religion is an acceptable one and to great an extent we can blame humans for radicalizing religion, which in its true sense is much an innocent concept whose mere object is to promote and to uplift humans and humanity. Thus the fundamental problem is not with ‘Religion’ but with psyche of human beings which has been unable to absorb and imbibe religion in its true form but in a highly adulterated form.
I, on personal and on logical g…


TO, All the intellectuals returning their awards.
Date : - 5th November 2015
I am poor pathetic soul, I have neither awards nor medals which I may return or surrender and be a martyr in the cause of tolerance. #AwardWapasi seems to be the only possible way out of the prevailing ruckus in our country and since I do not possess any national award, I guess it’s probably not my cause to fight for.
However, on closely analyzing the modern trend and means of fighting chaos, I wouldn’t use the term intolerance, I find that it’s actually a blessing in disguise that I do not possess award(s) because lately all those who have been possessing awards have gone bonkers and therefore I thank god for saving me from this curse. Bonkers because their judgment of what they are doing and why they are doing is completely illogical, senseless, hypocrite and anarchic.
This letter, I hope it reaches its designated recipients, is a proof of the sens…


I have since long adhered to the view that the first step in curing communalism is the ‘realization of or the acceptance of the fact that we humans are not seculars’. In my previous writing ‘understanding the fight against Communalism’ I have proved that the communal instincts prevail in all of us and how it would be wrong to tag oneself a secular being. I had even concluded that the only way to fight communalism is by paralyzing it, paralyzing through economic and educational prosperity. There are however many who do not adhere to this view. There is a parallel view and a parallel solution to the menace of communalism which is, giving up our religious identities, which primarily divide us, and consequently turning atheists. Thus, by turning atheists we can truly liberate ourselves with the idea of religion and look beyond it as our means to sustenance and would ultimately nip the evil of communalism. Spreading atheism is the parallel solution to communalism. It was during a…


The last decade has been remarkable for a various reasons. Be it the rise of the ISIS on the global scale or the debacle of congress at the national sphere. The most remarkable of all developments, both nationally and internationally, has been a dramatic, continuous and rampant growth for the rights of women and for females. Despite the vast spread poverty and diversity, the call and demands of these rights has been equally strong in our country as well. However the actions either by the government or by the national and trans national organizations have rather been superficial. There might be certain degree of resistance to the statement and there are numerous examples to prove it wrong as well but the corporate world as I see of today has a uniquely hollow stand on women rights and despite all moves by the feminist leaders, the movement has certainly lost the steam. I would also like to stretch to the length of stating that in today’s world, feminism is being used against women. Bel…


Through the looking glass: Summary Through the looking glass by Lewis Carroll is a gem of children novels which in a very humorous and creative manner explains numerous lessons of life to its readers. It is a story of a young seven years old girl who in her dream manages to get inside the world of the looking glass and becomes a part of the game of chess. The only manner in which she would win is by reaching the end and by getting herself crowned as the queen. In her pursuit she has to go through a number of stages where she meets various characters who give Alice an insight into the world of the looking glass and thus in one way or another, they end up helping her and she keeps moving ahead facing one adventure after another and meeting one character after another. She ultimately succeeds in winning the game and getting herself crowned as the queen of the looking glass world and just then she wakes up from her sleep and her dream ends so does the world of inverse reality. Her fairy tale…


Amidst all the cease fire violations on the indo- Pak borders, came news which wasn’t just news but also a virtual shield that halted the cease fire violations for some respectable number of hours. On 10th December 2014, Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan & Kailash Satyarthi from India jointly won the most prestigious Noble peace prize. This was a moment to be cherished by the advocates of indo-Pak unity, however for people like me such instances only wakes up the Sherlock in me. Born on 12th of July 1997 Malala has in just 17 years of her life achieved what even those in 71 years do not. She probably the youngest women rights activist in the entire world and ironically she is still a teenage girl. She started as a BBC blogger wherein she used to write about her life under the regime of Taliban, later the Taliban shot her in the head but fortunately gods stepped down from heaven and the girl was saved. This close and successful encounter with death blessed Yousafzai not just with life …


In May 2014, 282 seats of the Lok Sabha were painted saffron. After 25 long years, India finally managed to decide upon a leader they wish to be led by. The BJP government came to power with a thumping majority, the Modi wave turned out to be much stronger than anticipated. But what came along BJPs victory was something traditional. Something which most of the people who probably voted for the BJP never wanted to come in scene. I talk of the Rashtra Swayamsevak Sangh or more commonly known as the RSS.
Just within months, RSS had started showing its presence by commenting on certain deistic as well as caitiff figures of Indian freedom struggle. And here I refer to none but Mahatma Gandhi and Nathuram Godse.
RSS demands Nathuram Godse being declared a Martyr. This demand definitely seems completely insane from the eyes of a prosaic man. But it is something that does makes sense when seen from the virtual third eye.
Both the East India Company and the British crown had left no stone unturne…


A revolution against a governing body shall only be considered complete and successful when the body is not only removed but is replaced by a more effective and a more efficient one. An incomplete revolution is probably a more dangerous state than the previous one. Thus when the people decide to revolt, they must ensure that their revolt is not just well organized but is also farsighted.
Protests and revolts might have become a common occurring today. In India or more precisely in Delhi, the situation is so grim that even the governing elites are equally taking part in protests leave alone the non governing individuals. The requisites for both, a protest and a revolt are a)Intent b)planning a protest/revolt done with the intent to better the existing state of affairs in a particular territory or a particular state is patriotism but when the same is fueled with an intent to seize power for oneself, then such an act amounts to terrorism. The person who heads the revolt and also those who f…


Ailments and bodily disorders can best be cured by striking at their roots which further requires knowledge of their origin. Similarly, there prevail numerous ailments in our state as well. As a matter of fact, the societal disorder which we shall discuss today isn’t exclusive to any state or a group of states, it is in fact prevalent in every society, modern or primitive, and in every state be it a developed, developing or a third world state. The disorder is universal in nature and the cure has yet not been found.

Women of our world have sadly been an ever subjugated and suppressed half. They lack in every sphere, are always ever considered a weaker section and looked upon as someone who is born to be ruled over. Not long ago, women too realized their appalling state and the need to better their conditions thus began the feminist movement which was aimed at ending all inequalities against women and which seeks a life for women which is equal to that of their male counte…