Through the looking glass: Summary
Through the looking glass by Lewis Carroll is a gem of children novels which in a very humorous and creative manner explains numerous lessons of life to its readers.
It is a story of a young seven years old girl who in her dream manages to get inside the world of the looking glass and becomes a part of the game of chess. The only manner in which she would win is by reaching the end and by getting herself crowned as the queen. In her pursuit she has to go through a number of stages where she meets various characters who give Alice an insight into the world of the looking glass and thus in one way or another, they end up helping her and she keeps moving ahead facing one adventure after another and meeting one character after another.
She ultimately succeeds in winning the game and getting herself crowned as the queen of the looking glass world and just then she wakes up from her sleep and her dream ends so does the world of inverse reality.
Her fairy tale journey to and in the world of the looking glass leaves Alice with a number of valuable lessons in life and she ends up being a more sensitive and sensible young girl.
Law as a mean to progression
Alice a young British girl gets herself trapped in the world of the looking glass, a world where the norms and principles are much different than those followed in her real world. It is after entering into this world of inversion that she realizes the role of laws and principles that govern the movement and existence of human beings; not just in the world of inverse reality but also in that of her own i.e. the world of reality.
The law of inversion is the virtual law which is applicable to all those residing in the world of the looking glass. Like the real world which is governed by laws and constitution and the same moulds the actions/reactions of individuals, the law of inversion is the apparent law in the world of the looking glass and the same is instrumental in deciding how the residents of the world of inverse reality would behave or act/react. Though the laws and rules of the real world came naturally to the young girl (like every other child of 7 years) it is only after she gets into the world of inverse reality and only after she faces difficulties in her pursuit to the throne by not abiding to the law of inversion, that she realizes and understands the true need of laws and rules and also that of abiding with them. Thus the world of inverse reality teaches Alice and also its readers the due importance of laws and of the fact that in order to move ahead in life and to progress, it is important to follow a set of laws and rules no matter how stupid or useless we may find them, rebelling and revolting against these laws would only lead to loss of time and of energy.
Though most suitable for the light hearted and children, through the looking glass is not just a children novel but is in fact a guide to growing up and at times even for grownups. There are a number of valuable lessons in the novel through the looking glass and teaching the importance of laws is yet another one of those.

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